The Scope of the environmental management system (EMS)

Based on the requirement 4.3 of UNE-EN ISO 14.001: 2015, our organization must determine the limits and applicability of the EMS to establish the scope of the study.

In this way, the UNE EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard of application for our business includes all our activities, products and services, as well as the following infrastructure: the club house (except Kabuki Restaurant and Abama Golf Restaurant), Golf course and the maintenance warehouse.

In addition, within the scope of our EMS have also considered the context of the organization, the needs and expectations of the interested parties and the legal requirements and other requirements applicable to our sector.

Environmental Policy

The management of Abama Golf, aware of the limitation of the natural resources of the islands and the environmental impacts associated with the development of our activity, is implementing the UNE-EN ISO 14.001 standard and the EMAS Regulation.

In order to achieve this objective, we have not only set up our environmental policy, but we have also created a specific department for the environmental management, committing ourselves to the regular review of our services, establishing environmental objectives, verifying compliance with our policy and with the objective of continuous improvement.

Aware of the importance of protecting the environment that surrounds us, we have developed an environmental management system that seeks to prevent the negative impacts of our activity. Thus, our activities and facilities must always be conceived from sustainability, preventing pollution and minimizing negative impacts through the sustainable use of resources, mitigation and adaptation to climate change, and protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.

We are aware of the impacts generated by our golf course (consumption of desalinated water, contamination of the soil, pressure on the environment, etc.). Therefore, our objective is to assume the commitment of continuous improvement, thus guaranteeing an advance in the environmental performance at our golf course.

Finally, we also acquired a commitment to comply with all legal or other environmental requirements applicable to the golf course and to make the greenkeeping staff aware of the principles set out in this document, which have been given to them.

This policy will be reviewed every year and will be adapted to the realities of the course and the darea in which it is located.

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